Annie's Coats

- keeping greyhounds warm

Cosy Home Coats available for purchase - along with Swanky Warmers


and Swanky Tees - are shown on facebook.

I am unable to 'make to order' Cosy Home Coats until further notice.

Stay at home cosy coats

Cosy Home Coats - double fleecy with comfortable ties - perfect for

overnight or just
lounging around at home. 

Measuring - along back from base of neck to over bum

Small - length 68 cm, to suit up to 23kg

Small/Medium - length 72 cm, to suit 24 to 26kg

Medium - length 76 cm, to suit 27 to 35 kg

Medium/Large - length 80cm, to suit 36 to 39kg

Large - length 84cm, to suit 40+kg

Note that the weight guide above is just that - a guide.

Some greys are tall, long and light weight, while others are short stocky and bigger built, so 

you need to measure to get the right fit.