Annie's Coats

- keeping greyhounds warm

Reflective silver koolies - size small is running low - more on order

Have had a rush on them this week in anticipation of the next heat wave.

To recap - they do not have any cooling properties, they assist our black 

/ blue / dark brindle houndies by reflecting the sun away from them 

when out, and keep them feeling cooler.

They have a cotton lining so can be dunked in the sea and popped back 

on for extra relief if at the beach.


Measuring- along back from base of neck to right over bum

Small - length 70 cm, to suit up to 25kg

Medium - length 76 cm, to suit 26 to 35 kg

Medium/Large - length 80cm, to suit 36 to 39kg

Large - length 84cm, to suit 40+kg

$40 each plus $8 p&p - note postage is for within Australia