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Hipster Home Coats

Hipster Home Coats

SKU: 366615376135191

Modeled on our Hipster Allsorts - 


Double fleece with 1 1/2 inch belly strap with velcro fastener - 

these babies have a shorter black collar.


Great for those wanting a plain cosy home coat option with velcro



$58 plus $13 postage


  • Sizing

    Sizes are generous and come in Small, Medium, Medium/Large and Large.

    Measuring - along back from between shoulder blades to right over bum.


    Small - length 70 cm, to suit up to 25kg 
    Medium - length 76 cm, to suit 26 to 35 kg 

    Medium/Large - length 80cm, to suit 36 to 39kg
    Large - length 84cm, to suit 40+kg 

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