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Mother Snuggers

Mother Snuggers

SKU: 217537123517253

The Mothersnugger- the Mother of all Snuggle-ness


Showerproof 600 Denier outer shell. 200 GSM Polyester filling. Antipilling Fleece lining. Velcro closer belly band.

Please note that this coat is water resistant, but as seams are not heat sealed it is not 100% water proof - see raincoats for water proof coats.


$65 plus $19 postage

  • Sizing

    This coat is a snug fit and curves over the bum

    Measuring - along back from between shoulder blades to right over bum.

    Sizes are:

    small  - 68cm

    small/medium - 72cm

    medium - 75cm

    med/large - 78cm

    large  - 84cm


    PLEASE - be careful when measuring as the coats curve over the bottom so need to be long enough. If you currently have a cosy home coat that only comes to where the tail starts, then you will need a larger size in this design.

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