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Swanky Tees

Swanky Tees

SKU: 284215376135191

A little bit fancier than the plain cotton tees and made  locally, these tees are great for daytime lounging or for the cool but not overly chilly nights.


Made from cotton interlock, cotton jersey or cotton with spandex, they have stretch plus the bonus of natural fibers - the light coloured tees are great for black houndies in summer as they reflect the sun and keep them a little cooler.


Please see facebook for new fabrics as they come in


$50 plus $10 postage

  • Sizing

    Measuring from base of neck to right over the bum we have 5 sizes:


    Small 70cm

    Medium 75cm

    Med/large 80cm

    Large 85cm

    XL 90cm

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